Uprooted is a narrative series of paintings begun in 2015. It's the adventure of a wooden jointed doll, or Gliederpuppe, carved out of wood during the 16th century as an objet d'Art for a Curiosity Cabinet. She inhabits a realm that is full of precious items collected from the natural world: taxidermy, coral, ivory, etc. -- but nothing that is alive. Our Gliederpuppe gradually attains a kind of consciousness; over time she even learns that she is made out of material that was once a living tree. She feels a longing to return to existence in the forest -- to be surrounded by vibrant life rather than dead objects. We join her on this journey of discovery and redemption.

This series of twelve oil-and-egg tempera paintings was half completed, when progress was interrupted by a health crisis, which left the artist unable to work for over two years. It will hopefully be completed in the near future. Join Preview List for updates and exhibition dates.